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custom-designed headcoverings for men and women
small large kufi-style popcorn lacy rainbow


Lacy kipot consist of a lace medallion surrounded by solid crocheting, with a plain edge (possibly with zig of color) or shell edge. So choices include: medallion color, base color, stripes (how many, what colors), and edge. Lacy kipot are usually 6"-7" in diameter, but can be made larger or smaller if you wish.

Lacy kipot are $36.

Click on a kipa for a larger image.

Black with Black Medallion and Gold Zigzag Edge

Natural with Gold Medallion, Two Gold Stripes, Natural Shell Edge

Cream with Jade Medallion, Single Jade Stripe, Jade Shell Edge

Black with Silver Medallion and Silver Zigzag Edge

White with Gold Medallion, Two Gold Stripes, Gold Shell Edge

White with Shaded Pastel Medallion, Single Pastel Stripe, Pastel Shell Edge

Cream with Silver Medallion, Single Silver Stripe, Cream Shell Edge

Eggshell with Gold Medallion, Gold Zigzag Edge

Cream with Magenta Medallion and Cream Shell Edge

Lacy rainbow with while/silver medallion

Oriental peacock with cone bright violet medallion, 2-row stripe, and shell edge

Lacy chakra rainbow