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custom-designed headcoverings for men and women
small large kufi-style popcorn lacy rainbow


Everyone likes rainbows: young, old and not-so-old, Renewal, GBLT, doesn't matter. Unless otherwise stated, the rainbows are primary colors (in case they don't look so to you in the pics), and color order is rainbow (as it appears in the sky, ROYGBP) or reverse rainbow (PBGYOR). Evan and Micah taught me new takes on how to do a rainbow, I'm sure there are more.

Small rainbow kipot are $21; large rainbow kipot (single thread) are $36.

Click on a kipa for a larger image.

Green star on Black/Silver ground, rainbow, 7 1/2"

Double Rainbow
As it appears in the sky, two rainbows reversed, separated by dark sky

Small Rainbow

Large Rainbow with Star

Pastel Rainbow
(matches a tallit)

Small Reverse Rainbow

Star Rainbow
Small Rainbow with Red-Orange Star

P’nai Or
Matches Rainbow Tallit by Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

Small Rainbow with Star

Star Rainbow
Small Rainbow with Purple-Blue Star

Pastel Rainbow

Shaded Blue Star on White, with Four-Row Mexicana Stripes

Lacy Rainbow
with while/silver medallion

Pastel Double Rainbow

Lacy Chakra Rainbow

Large Reverse Rainbow
with star

Large Chakra Rainbow